HEM 'Dragons Blood' Incense (120 Sticks) 6 Hex Boxes

This carton contains 6 Hexagonal shaped packs of Incense, with each pack containing approximately 20 sticks for a total of 120 incense sticks. Each stick burns for approximately 30-45 minutes and will fragrance your rooms for many hours.

HEM Brand Incense fragrances are guaranteed to leave you spellbound. Enjoy this stunning hand crafted product from India during meditation, yoga or exercises of spiritual journey & enlightenment. Or, simply enjoy this stunning fragrance in your home or office - allowing the art of incense burning to fragrance the air & lift & cleanse energy in your living spaces.

HEM brand incense remain one of the world's most popular incense brands. HEM brand are a superior incense, using pure essential oils, natural plant, seed & wood extracts in the production of their incense fragrances. The HEM Brand Research and Development team are committed to the fine science of fragrance, constantly developing new fragrances with a focus on embracing medicinal properties that have been commonly used in aromatherapy for thousands of years. Every stick of HEM is hand rolled in manufacturing facilities located in Mumbai and Bangalore, India. Strict quality control processes ensure that you receive only the finest sticks and pure aroma satisfaction.